Speak UP!® GDPR


Commencing May 25th, 2018 the new GDPR regulation will be in force for EU countries. This regulation replaces earlier regulations concerning how to treat your personal information.

At Speak UP!, we value your personal integrity and we want to inform you about what the new rules are all about.

GoSpeak UP International AB (that’s the legal name of our company, but to make it easier we will call ourselves Speak UP!) is responsible for your personal information and the way we treat it.

As we provide you with our best service, Speak UP! may collect some of your personal information. When your school or company sign up to our service, or, alternatively, if you sign up yourself, we may get access to your personal information containing name, gender, class or company and e-mail address.

Some of your personal information is used to send log-in details to you, and, if you use the system, your personal information will be part of the information that the system needs in order to operate. The information will be encrypted and stored on a secure server. We will not share the information with any external party.

You have the right to ask for and get information how your personal information is used by Speak UP! You can also demand correction, the right to be excluded, and object to the way your personal information is used. You can also, under certain conditions, ask to have your personal information transferred to another responsible party (data portability). You also have the right, if you believe that your personal information is being used in the wrong way, to file a complaint with the proper data inspection authority in your country.

To read more about our Privacy Policy, you may find it here: https://www.gospeakup.com/privacy.html

If you have any question concerning the new GDPR rules, would like to submit a request, or contact the head of data security, you may contact us at privacy@gospeakup.com.

We are happy that you have chosen to become part of creating a better school and workplace environment.

Best Regards,
The Speak UP! team