Powered by information technologists with over 40 years of experience in hardware and software solutions, Speak UP!® is an international company that provides schools with an opportunity to tackle and ultimately reduce the incidence of abuse, bullying and other harmful behaviours, that affect their students both on the internet and in “real” life every single day.

When students anonymously report incidents through the web or phone app, they are not only reaching out for the help they need, and helping the innocent victims of bullying, abuse and cyberbullying but they are also empowering themselves by standing up against behaviours that harm their peers and the school environment

A student—let’s call her Thandi—opens the app on her phone or tablet and reports what she has witnessed or experienced.

If she wants, Thandi can attach a photo of the incident (or a screenshot of a text or social media post).

Thandi chooses to report the incident anonymously by checking the “Report anonymously” box.

Thandi taps “Send” and the message is sent to an administrator at the school.

The administrator views the report from the app’s dashboard and takes the appropriate action.

Students can report an incident when:

they don’t want other students to know that they are reporting

they don't feel comfortable talking to an adult about the incident

they don't know which adult to talk to

there isn't an adult available

they want to report the incident anonymously

The administrator's version of the app:

keeps a record of all incidents and actions taken relating to same

allows administrators to communicate with reporting students to advise them on the appropriate action to take (even if the report is submitted anonymously)

allows administrators to view important statistics that they can use to create a safer environment for their students

You can report anything that concerns you, your safety or wellbeing or anything else you think the school should know about.

Unfortunately, no. Your school must be enrolled in the Speak UP! Program. To enroll simply contact us and we will help you get set up!

All reported incidents, no matter how truthful, will be investigated. However, you should always try your best to be an honest reporter. If, however, a user reports more than 3 things that are deemed to be untrue by the administrators they can be blocked from using the app.

Send us a message to the e-mail addresses found in the Contact section and we will get back to you!

Yes, absolutely! That’s one of the reasons this app is so successful. Just make sure to check the “Report anonymously” box when making your report.

Yes, currently the app is available only for the iPhone/iPad, Android and desktop.